Johanna Domokos

Prof. Dr. Johanna Domokos is a comparative literature scholar of indigenous cultures and minority literatures with academic expertise in multi- and translingual literature of Scandinavian and Central Europe, especially Sámi, Finnish, German, and Hungarian.

Johanna has taught at several universities such as Humboldt University of Berlin, UCLA, and Bielefeld University, Germany, and she is currently affiliated with the Károli Gáspár University in Budapest, Hungary.

Johanna is an active translator and coordinates Gruppe Bie Translation and Book Production Laboratory at Bielefeld University. In 2022, together with Jennifer Kwon Dobbs she received the Leif and Inger Sjöberg Award for the English co-translation of Niillas Holmberg’s Juolgevuoððu (2018) published as Underfoot (2022, White Pine Press).

As a (polyglot) poet Johanna has authored some fifteen volumes. She is a co-founder of the LangueFlow team exploring multilingualism in literature and arts.

Photo of Johanna Domokos by Mark Gnoth

Multilingual/cultural works