Sabira Ståhlberg

Sabira Ståhlberg, PhD, is an independent scholar, writer, editor, translator, interpreter, publisher and author of more than thirty books in several genres and languages. Sabira writes polyglot poetry and prose, multicultural cookbooks, Easy to Read books and children’s books, and creates videos about and in many languages.

Sabira’s scholarly work includes scientific articles and non-fiction books on multilingualism and multiculturalism (among many other topics ranging from history and Asian studies to ethnobiology), as well as artistic reflections on polyglot writing. She is also a co-founder of the LangueFlow team and has initiated the Multea roundtable for scholars on literary multilingualism.

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Multilingual/cultural works

Portrait of Sabira Ståhlberg. Collaboration between the artist Ivan Liotchev and children at The ArtsCenter, Carrboro, North Carolina, USA.