Colourful: Blackberry pie

Colourful Stories workshop October 2018

by Natasha A.

The smell of the baking pie was rolling from the large kitchen through the rooms in warm, sweet waves, even as he took the first step into the house. The waves hugged him with the warm embrace and filled his nose and mouth with the rich notes of nutmeg and cardamom, late summer berries and something else, too, so familiar but something he couldn’t put a finger on.

It contained all that was so real, so dear to him in this life they’ve built together and from that short happy time in his childhood, when his mother was still alive.

He felt his heart swell and then relax with pleasure. In just a moment he will embrace her again, look into those warm brown eyes and once again taste his favourite pie that is such a significant part of all that he calls home.

© Sissel Korpisola, photo collage 2018