Colourful: Blazing morning

Colourful Stories workshop October 2018

by Natasha A.

The barge was slicing through the dark glass of the water while the last of the night darkness was leaving the sky. He was warm, wrapped in his furs, but the icy chill of the night air was taking tiny stabs at his exposed cheeks and made small columns of white mist above the other sleeping warriors.

The stars were whispering to him all night, but now their voices were disappearing together with the dark velvet colour of the night. The world around was so silent, one breath away from waking.

What will the new shores bring? What will this foreign land offer them? So many left before them, carried by the tides of promised silver, glory and most importantly, fertile land…

The new day burst from the horizon in an explosion of golden light.

© Sissel Korpisola, photo collage and photo poem 2018