Colourful Story: In the forest

Chain story written by the participants in the Colourful Stories workshop 8-10 April 2019 at Luckan, Helsingfors

I walked into the forest. It was a sunny day and the wind was blowing softly. Then I felt a presence.

I turned around, no one there. A bird called from above. I turned to walk back and saw a figure in a tree shadow.

I went towards the figure. The wind showed the way, but as I walked towards the tree, the figure was moving away.

Do I chase after it or let it be a shadow? If I learn its name, will it turn into a nightmare?

The Colourful Stories workshop is open for everybody. We write in several languages about experiences, real or invented events and dreams and much more. Together we create new experiences by discussion and group work.

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The project is supported by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland