Mentor Haiku

Many-language writers find / Swedish-speakers’ culture / in many buildings

Walking on rainy streets / Luckan and Amos’ museum / Kulturfonden

Hbl, Lilla Teatern / Stockmann, Svenska Teatern / books go before souvenirs

Discussing writing / publishing in Finland, / or native country?

Say hi to J.L. (Runeberg) / the old poet standing erect / without a raincoat

Is it summer? / Samba dancers freezing / in Esplanade park

House of Sciences / Kulturkontakt Nord / so many Nordic languages!

Riddarhuset / Swedish Literature Association / National Archive

Learn more with guide / see minority culture / living its own life

Meet speak ask / find common interests / join the events

Helsinki Festival / once multicultural city / today even more varied

Colourful pen / multi-language writing / choose your own way

Klang is a sound / write text and sing / find new expressions

Go to Åbo if you / don’t live there / book fair season starts

Helsingfors – Book Fair / thousands of titles and faces / find your own place

Read – in your language / – in a foreign language / – in all languages

Meet others like you / with similar interests / but different destiny

Much talking and reading / eyes want to see / mouth wants to share all

Voices join in discussions / fingers write down ideas / feet continue walking.

Photo: Colorit’s mentor in the garden