Poem Msblackrose A.G.

From Msblackrose A.G.’s book Sangrando Poemas 2014 (bleeding poems):

Msblackrose (Author’s translation in English 2016)
There, is Msblackrose.
A black rose
born from the graves of her ancestors.
There, is Msblackrose.
A rose which did become a woman,
with the softness of her petals
and the hardness of her thorns.

There, is Msblackrose.
A warrior reborn from his ashes,
an fallen angel, renegade to all what is imposed
a witch in search of successful spell,
the little girl that never could be princess
but she is, through her actions.

There, is Msblackrose.
A black rose
tattooed in a woman’s skin
and that woman, is me.

Ainhoa participates in the mentor project of Colorit – The Colourful Pen.

(c) Lecti Book Studio, photos 2016