Short introduction, facts. Msblackrose A.G.

I use the name Msblackrose A.G. My real name is Ainhoa González Llano. I was born in Bilbao, north of Spain. I moved to Finland in August 2006.

I have been living in Turku since then. I have participated in the Runokohtauksia-project from 2011 to 2015, and in June 2015 we published an anthology with editorial Robustos.

I continue in Turku with a multilingual writers’ group called Monikielinen kirjoittajaryhmä_Vieraalla maalla, and we meet once a month to listen to our written text in different languages, and we have conversations.

I don’t remember exactly when I started writing. I was maybe 8-10 years old, always playing with my imagination and creating other worlds.

Ainhoa participates in the mentor project of Colorit – The Colourful Pen.