Songs in many languages – Klang at LillaLuckan

On Friday 14 October 2016 the participants in the Klang project wrote creative song texts. During the project ”Klang” you can write your own songs and create performances, which express experiences and emotions.klang3_161014

The participants did not want to be photographed or publish their texts with their names, but instead they created pictures, which express their feelings. The texts were signed with letters instead of names.

All present felt that this was part of the artistic expression and wished for freedom to be anonymous, because the experiences were strongly personal.

Here are some of the texts and pictures. Read also the song texts in Swedish. The project is supported by Oskar Öflund Foundation.

(c) Participants in Klang, texts and pictures 2016


Far away in the mountains
The blue and red mountain range
I will hear a song
I want to hear a tone
when you are coming down
How I missed you!
How I searched for you!
The flutes should be playing
when you step down
from the faraway mountains
the red and blue mountain range


Cold breeze
makes me sneeze
I do freeze
Want to follow the geese
flying south in peace
to a warmer Greece.
They walk with bare knees
eat salad and cheese
instead of soup with peas.
Get a new lease
and all worries will cease
with careless life keys.
Stop the tease!
It’s raining outside, please…


In the market place the carousel
runs around and around.
It calls the children, the hearts,
it calls the memories of joy.
A horse and a girl,
a donkey and a boy.
We ride the carousel
We are children again.