Colourful: Stones and waves

Colourful Stories workshop October 2018

by S.A.

The waves are breaking over the stones as if they were pushed by a huge hand. A child is standing on the beach, reaching out hands full of seashells to the roaring ocean, trying to pacify the angry waves. But the waves are not impressed and they continue rolling in, splashing the already wet child.

Alternative one: The child throws the seashells away and turns the back to the waves, disappointed in the result of the magic, and walks away from the beach. The child starts slowly to understand that nature is a force to reckon with, something much stronger than anything a human being can come up with.

Or is it? A wave slows down and then splashes over the seashells, carrying them out to sea.

Alternative two: A hand comes out of the ocean, a huge hand reaches out and picks up the dripping child, lifting it up into the air, carrying it out into the ocean, where it will find many exciting adventures.

© Sissel Korpisola, photo 2018