The Colourful Pen at Helsinki Book Fair 2016

Write in many languages” was the motto for the project The Colourful Pen – a mentor project for immigrant writers. During the project the participants learned to know each other and Swedish cultural life in Finland, and had the possibility to read texts and write new texts during different events.
After the seminar at Norden – Nordic Culture Point on 19 October 2016 a multilingual writing and reading meeting was arranged at the Helsinki Book Fair on 30 October.

The participants came from a dozen countries and they managed despite the loud environment to write exciting texts and read them to each other – Sunday is usually the liveliest day during the book fair.

Here is a loudness-related song written by a participant in English – read also a Swedish text:

Shut out the noise
run for shelter
and close your ears
from everything
Shake the bells
pull all the bells
and make them sing
hear only the bells

The event was organised by Colorit ry.rf. in cooperation with Nylands Litteraturförening rf. and Lecti Culture Centre, and supported by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.Svenska_kulturfonden_logo_horisontell_svart_RGBlecti culture centre en mini